Game Development Projects:

What follows is a quick list of projects I've been involved with. Their nature, development detais, and gauge of success, as well as what tasks were my responsability.
Last updated April 2016

Beasty Karts(Malta - At PlayMagic)

Beasty Skaters(Malta - At PlayMagic)

iCO2 (Tokyo - At NII)

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Essence (Portugal - L.D. Game Jam)

INVITE (Portugal - IST)

Overpopulous (Portugal - L.D. Game Jam)

The Esper (2014, Personal)

Vhilwin's tale (2014, Personal)

Shadow Conclave ( 2011, Personal with team)

Bounty Aces ( 2010, Personal with team)

Ice Cream Adventures (2009, Personal with team)