The Tax Messengers

Sorting by Tax Messenger Names, they're voiced by:

Bill: Austin Heriman
Case: Jesse Brown
Danny: Jacob Browning
Jamie: Matt Shipman
Joey: Alexander Gross
Ruth: Amanda Gonzalez
Willy: Stephan Krosecz

Couriers that cross the city from time to time, carrying taxes. Prime targets for lurking thieves..

Voice-related info: Varies. But this time, within worried jumpy parameters. You may still wing it. Female and Male voices also accepted.

(context)Being pursued by a thief.
Tax Messenger(Stressed out.): Oh boy oh boy oh boy

(context) Heard Something
Tax Messenger(Alert, fidgety worried.): Crap, crap, what was that?!

(context)Got Caught
Tax Messenger(Sad): Oh maaaan...I'm gonna be fired for sure.