The Rats

Sorting by Rat Names, they're voiced by:

Hushin: Alexander Gross
Ishuz: Xander Mobus
Jashi: Dylan Spencer
Kijil: Johan Bagenholm
Lizdru: Patrick Seymour
Loshi: Anath Jackson III
Shanna: Kerlih Chia
Tishaj: Austin Heriman
Tulishon: Chris Niosi

Thieves which employ their services to function as a Militia. They have better sight, and hearing, but are as competent, and easy to bribe, as the standard militia.

Voice-related info:Varies. But this time, within scoundrel suspicious parameters. You may still wing it. Female and Male voices also accepted.

(context)Pursuing a thief.
Rat(Amused.): C'mon, man. Help a fellow thief, and get caught.

(context) Heard Something
Rat(Alert, smelling something fishy): ...I heeeaaar you...

(context)Just lost sight of thief he was pursuing
Rat(Whatevs): Know what? Screw it.