The Pros

Sorting by Pro Names, they're voice by:

Alexander: Robert Knorr
Anthony: Scott Stoked
Osvald: Jesse Brown
Richard: Johan Bagenholm
Sylvia: Karen Hayman
Xavier: Matt Shipman

Just like the average militia. But they're more honorable and serious, and so bribing them is a lot more costly..

Voice-related info: Varies. But this time, within honorable dutifull parameters. You may still wing it. Female and Male voices also accepted.

(context)Pursuing a thief.
Pro(Offended.): Hey stop! Stop right there!

(context) Heard Something
Pro(Alert and suspicious): Hm? What was that?.

(context)Just lost sight of thief he was pursuing
Pro(Disgruntled): We'll catch you eventually. Ya hear me?