Standard Militia

Sorting by Militia Names, they're voice by:

Maehunn: Patrick Seymour
Morain: Dylan Spencer
Norgrain: Robert Knorr
Northan: Jesse Brown
Ilvhain: Jay Woodhead
Jaggedor: Anath Jackson III
Jhorvein: Samuel Drake
Laeswain: Niel R. Sumter
Lorion: Xander Mobus
Yunhart: Casey Mongillo
Yunhart II: Austin Heriman

The standard type of guards of the city. Your average law enforcer who will seek out thieves and arrest them. Though they're not that hard to bribe.

Voice-related info: Varies. Want several voices. May be female or male. No tone necessary or anything. I would appreciate you understand the context, pick yourself a personality and then wing it. The standard militia has all kinds working as it. I'll exemplify below

(context)Pursuing a thief.
Militia(Angry): You think you can get away?!
Ex Winging: Give up! // Arf...Arf...// Jeez, stop... // Just...quit already...uff...

(context) Heard Something
Militia(Alert and suspicious): Hey, I heard something.
Ex Winging: Oy, I heard somethin' // *Gasp!* // What was that noise?

(context)Just lost sight of thief he was pursuing
Militia(Disgruntled): Grrr...damn thieves and their...*mumble mumble*
Ex Winging: Bah, you'll slip up eventually, you rat! // Screw this, they don't pay me enough. // You can't hide forever...grr...