Hunter: Voiced by Amanda Gonzalez the greatest thief, because no other is as attuned to the world around I am.

Abandoned in a wild jungle, as a child, she was forced to grow as a prey and, later, as a predator
She heightened and attuned all of her senses to become the greatest predator, in order to be able to survive in the wild. And when old enough, she left to make a living in society.
She is nimble, quick and light with her movements, and always aware of her surroundings, almost to an unnatural lvel. Her senses are her tools of the trade.

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Voice-related info: So she's a collected and calm individual. She emanates earthly wisdom, the kind that understands how life works, and therefore will never be caught off guard. The kind of person that never hesitates. But she is a kind individual, not a beastly character, but one that holds her skill very dear to her. She's very hard on herself over them. She believes she is only as important as her level of skill, so she prizes it above all, which is why she participates in he Shadow Conclave. So all and all,Calm, hard-on-self female voice. Average pitch. Can't be too high, or too low.

(context) Used an ability that makes her feel valuables around her, just like if they were her prey.
Hunter(concentrated, focusing, zen.): Even if it's money...prey is prey....and I am hunter...

(context) Was just seen by a Militia.
Hunter(Annoyed at herself for being careless): Humpf!!

(context) Was caught
Hunter(Disappointed at herself, trying to cyke her up to do better): Damn...I have to concentrate, and pay more attention. I must not be arrested again.