Circus Freak: Voiced by Zach Holzman

I'm the greatest thief. Why? Cause nobody else can do this sh**! Check it out! Note: Somehow, he turned his head all the way back. And then did a few hand-plant push ups. It was very disturbing.

Born and raised in the world's most amazing, and most cruel, of circuses. Circus Freak once decided he could put his skills to a better use... for him.
Grown to be a master acrobat and contortionist, Circus Freak is unparalleled in the mastery of the human body. He will leap, dash, twist, he will steal in ways many consider inhuman and freakish. His body provides him with all the tools he needs, to steal.
For more background info, check the blog.

Voice-related info: He's a Joker kinda character. He's in the competition mainly just to freak folk out. He gets a kick, a very amused kick, out of freaking people out. He's never faced a pro thief before, also, so he yearns to have some fun with them. He's crazy, irresponsble and easily amused. Check the blog out, for more. He giggles/laughs when he's amused. So all and all, Male, high-pitched voice, of any accent.

(context) Used an ability that makes him run considerably faster for a few seconds.
Circus Freak(excited): Weeee-haha-hahah! (just make your laugh, don't follow this strictly xD)

(context) Was just seen by a Militia.
Circus Freak(Jolly well amused!): Upsy daisy!

(context) Was caught
Circus Freak(Complaining): Ahh, how boriiing :(.