Captain Trent - Voiced by Melanie Quintos

The captain of a Mad Hunters mothership: a spiteful witch who nonetheless always stands with the highest sort of dignity. She's out to gain notoriety and power, by getting ahead in a business that will undoubtedly lead the future of human economy, as well as breed the ultimate pilots. Strong and cold, she’s ruthless and silently hateful towards all opponents, and also towards all allies who don't portray the skills they need to be the best, which honors her as their leader.
Uptight, powerful and beautiful voice.

(context) Upon being asked to provide Bel with assistance to solve a big problem:
Captain Trent: We were not hired for anything, and we are not outfitted for that sort of task. It is ridiculous to even try.

(context) Follow up on prior:
Captain Trent: We are not getting involved. It is a tragedy, but there is nothing we can do.
Best of luck. Mad Hunters out.

(context) Trent sending out hunters into the treasure hunter field.
Captain Trent: Go on, girls. Show them how unavoidably> incapable they all are.