Captain Shane - Voiced by Jesse Foster

Unlike the other captains, this one's not an idealist nor that emotionally tied to the success of the Valued Seekers. He’s just a greedy little rogue who loves life on the big mothership that he owns, where he can tinker with ships, while messing with a lot of people that are under his paycheck and that can't, thus, just brush him away. He’s an old mechanic who once won a lottery ticket, and used it to create the Valued Seekers, because he wants more money! He’s known to be eccentric, maybe even mad as a bat!
The people who work for him like him a lot, because he’s entertaining and, despite appearances, not a fool.
Old, high-tone and quirky/eccentric voice.

(context) Shane reacts to finding out terrorists by the name of Rising Moons set up a hideous plan.
Captain Shane(Actually amused.): Them hot damn freakin’ Risin’ Moons! I’d like to eclipse them good, I would! (characteristic laugh), get it?!

(context) Shane reacts to winning a treasure hunt.
Captain Shane(Greedily overjoyed): Woohooo! Good going, Gacrux! More money for everyone!

(context) Shane sends out hunters into the field.
Captain Shane(Greedily anxious): Alright, my valued pilots, go out there and hunt us all some more “shineys”! *characteristic laugh*…I do love my shineys.