Doesn’t really have a face. But I want a good monologue voice. Male or Female.

Bel O’rion was said to be the ace of Bounty Aces. As you would expect, Mad Hunters and Valued Seekers each had their own ace. Each of them represented their own companies on the most important of missions. Indeed, few in the business ever forgot their names: Mad Hunter Callisto, Bounty Ace Bel and Valued Seeker Gacrux.


Casted parts:
Mad Hunter nr 1 - Melanie Quintos.
Bounty Hunter nr 2 - John Walker.
1 Bounty Hunter. 2 Mad Hunters. 3 valued seekers.

Basically, other pilots. They only have a couple o’ lines during cinematics, some of them don't have none, but they have as many lines as the main characters, in skirmish mode (which happens often even in story mode). Skirmish mode, pure gameplay, is where need the pools of dialogs.
Anyways, there’s no established characters here, so you’re going to experiment and deliver creative suggestions based on the theme of each company. Play around, and send what voices you figure are best. We want at least 3 voices for >each company<. We’ll take more if we can.
The more variety, the better.
DESPITE THIS, I offer three different emotional takes for each faction. There can be repeated emotional characters, and also the three we get may not be any o' these. They're just suggestions, in case you prefer strict scripting.

Bounty AcesMad HuntersValued Seekers
(context): Just dodged a bullet, nervously relieved.
Bounty Ace: Whoah! That was close!

(context): The team is losing, he doesn't want to lose. Persistent confidance.
Bounty Ace: Oh no, we’re losing. We can’t let them win!

(context): Decided to go for the treasure, but wants backup. Decided.
Bounty Ace: I’m going for it. Cover me!

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close! He feels bad but he'll survive the loss. Inevitably accepting.
Bounty Ace: Awww crap, Bel. We were really close for a minute there, weren't we? Too bad we lost...

(context): Dodged a bullet, freaked out.
Bounty Ace: Aaugh! That was too close for my damn comfort!

(context): The team is losing, he's hesitant about pressing on. Hesitant proposal, seeking understanding.
Bounty Ace: Guys, maybe we should call it quits? It's getting kinda dangerous...

(context): Decided to go for the treasure, but is scared of getting hit. Hesitantly bold.
Bounty Ace: Ok ok, I'm going in. But I don't wanna get hurt, so cover me, please.

(context): Has lost the hunt, and it was kinda tough. He wants to get out of there before his scary foes decide to hurt him. Shamelessly pleading.
Bounty Ace: Jeez...let's get out o' here already, before they decide to really hurt us.

Full of himself
(context): Dodged a bullet! Unnimpressed complaint.
Bounty Ace: Oi, watch the paint!

(context): The team is losing.
Bounty Ace: Uff...fine, fine, I'll get serious now. And win this.

(context): Decided to go for the treasure.
Bounty Ace: You guys stand back, and watch how a real Ace does it!

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close!
Bounty Ace: time, I won't go easy on them.

(context): Dodged a bullet! Unimpressed mock.
Mad Hunter: Ha! Not even close!

(context): The team is losing and that doesn't make sense. Intrigued surprise
Mad Hunter: This doesn’t seem right, we’re actually loosing. O.Ô

(context): Decided to go for the treasure, and doesn't really care what the others do. Slightly Impatiantly audacious.
Mad Hunter: You gals do what you want, I’m going in.

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was so close she didn't even notice it. Shockedly inconvenienced, telling Trent about failure is never pleasant.
Mad Hunter: Ugh, this did not just happen. We did not just lose by such a small... and to such a sorry-looking...ugh, is the Captain going to be soar about this.

(context): Dodged a bullet! Patronizingly mock.
Mad Hunter: Ha ha, how 'bout I slow down a notch? Would that be helpful?

(context): The team is losing. She figures it's because her colleagues are holding back. Motivatingly harsh
Mad Hunter: C'mon, don't hold back anything!

(context): Decided to go for the treasure. Is pretty confident it's hers. Courageously yearning.
Mad Hunter: I'm going in for the prize.

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close. Dissappointed, but hoping next time she won't lose.
Mad Hunter: Damn it! I have to get better...

(context): Dodged a bullet. It involved barrel-rolling, so she got dizzy. Helplessly dazed and pleading.
Mad Hunter: Ah! Please, I get dizzy dodging those things.

(context): The team is losing. She decides to reinforce it. Hesitantly motivating.
Mad Hunter: Oh, we're a little behind. C'mon, let's give our best.

(context): Decided to go for the treasure. But isn't that confident it'll end well. Timidly bold.
Mad Hunter: Well, maybe even I can go after it...please watch my back.

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close. She assumes it was her fault. Timidly apologetic
Mad Hunter: Oh...I'm sorry, I did my best.

(context): Dodged a bullet! Vengefully offended.
Valued Seeker : What?! Why you…

(context): The team is losing. Agressively ordering for his team mates to be better.
Valued Seeker: Dammit! Enough screwin’ around, already!

(context): Decided to go for the treasure. Angry military command.
Valued Seeker: I’m gonna collect it, cover my ass!

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close! Pissed off and angry.
Valued Seeker: NOOOOO! Dammit!! You guys were just lucky I didn't blow you apart, GUHRR!

(context): Dodged a bullet! Frustratingly mocking.
Valued Seeker : HA! You gotta do better than that, you brat!

(context): The team is losing. Gratuitously agressive.
Valued Seeker: We're losing! Gacrux, let's take them down already!

(context): Decided to go for the treasure. Frustratingly wishing for victory.
Valued Seeker: Damn it all, I'll get it myself!

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close! Sore Loser and an angry one at that. Actually growls/roars out of frustration.
Valued Seeker: What?! We lost??! GAHRRRRRRR(ultimate display of frustration)! You're all useless!

(context): Dodged a bullet! Agressivly daring the other.
Valued Seeker : Try that again! No really, I dare you!

(context): The team is losing. Honorable motivating.
Valued Seeker: C'mon, comrades! There's no way we can lose!

(context): Decided to go for the treasure. Tough taking like he's doing his team-maters a favor.
Valued Seeker: Humpf, don't worry about the treasure, leave it to me!

(context): Has lost the hunt, but it was close! Containing anger, tries to motivate his mates.
Valued Seeker: Grrrr! Next time, comrades. Surely we will win next time.