Bel Orion's best pal, and kind of his side-kick. They met each other during flight school, but then lost contact up until they met at Bounty Aces. Pan's a lot more energetic, and childish, even though he's only a tad bit younger than Bel. He loves flying, and his greatest concern is always to protect his team-mates from harm.
Optimistic and jolly voice, naive. Can be pretty concerned too.

(context) Pan comes to Belís aid.
Pan(Joyfully glad): Bel! Hehe, looks like you need a hand.

(context) Pan comes to Belís aid.
Pan: Donít worry, Bel, Iíve got your back!

(context) Bel Oírion: Whatíre you talking about?
Pan(Gravely concerned): Well I was scared whoever that ship full of jewellery belonged too would come after us! So I investigated. I found out it belonged to Rising Moon!