Captain Hank - Voiced by Dylan Spencer

Captain of a Bounty Aces mothership. He's as energetic as it gets, prone to motivational speeches of the coolest order, over the littlest things xD. Everything is important to him, being the best is important so that the best can be done, always. That's his driving force, to do the best, and by association, be the best.
Experienced, charismatic and epic voice, careful not to over-shoot it.

Captain Hank(standard): O’rion, this is command. Are you there?
(context) Bel O’rion: Hey, yeah. ‘Was taking a nap, what?
Captain Hank(appreciative): Bounty Aces’ got a job for you, kid.

(context) Bel has again won a treasure hunt.
Captain Hank: Well done, Bel! Knew I could count on you.

(context)Bel wants to give up.
Captain Hank(Epically Motivating): It is never ridiculous to try, damn it! Don’t stop trying, Bel!

Captain Hank(Tenacious): Never give up, Bel!