Used to be military. He joined up with the Valued Seekers for the money. He’s prompt to aggressiveness, and hates both uptight and patronizing attitudes, which makes him clash with both Bel and Callisto. Impatient and tough, he’s quite the rugged pilot who’s willing to do anything to get ahead.
Gratuitously angry voice, strong/deep.

(context)Callisto: Bel?!
(context)Bel: Hey hey, we’re here for treasure!.
Gacrux(Aggressively Anxious): Bel, huh? Guess this’ll be a real showdown between us, then!

(context) Gacrux has just lost a match where he had amazing advantage. He’s pissed off with disbelief.
Gacrux(Furiously in denial): This is impossible! This is pure madness!!

(context)Gacrux arrives late because of his wing-man.
Gacrux(Pissed off at companion): What?! Gah, look at this! I told you we shouldn’t have taken that pit-stop!
(context)Random: Screw you, Gacrux! Couldn’t be helped, ok?! Wanna fight about it or something?!
Gacrux: Gacrux(angry): Grr! Just shut up and go! If we come up short, I swear this is the last treasure seek you’ll ever work in.