Callisto - Voiced by Kat Korvus

Woman with attitude. She's got twice the balls of any man, and insists on proving it. She, as a mad hunter, takes on the craziest tasks, and just loves to leave opponents in the dust. Kind of arrogant, but not the lame kind, if you know what I mean. She loves danger, and overcoming it. She's in the treasure hunting business so she can explore the space she loves, and make an extra buck while she's at it.
Commanding and charismatic voice.

Callisto: Bel O'rion…what a displeasure it is to see you again.
(context dialog)Bel O'rion: Aww, did you come to get your mad butt all humiliated again?
Callisto: Talk is cheap, Bel. Coin isn't though, so how about we make a wager? Your prowess versus mine.

(context) Bounty Aces have arrived at her treasure collecting site, and Valued Seekers are already there. She was the first one on the scene.
Callisto: Humpf! We're too far ahead, we won't lose!

(context) Bel unexpectedly shows up, to ruin her treasure hunt.
Callisto: Bel?!