Bel O'Rion - Voiced by Chris Thurman

The Ace of Bounty Aces, and the main character. A cocky and adventureous fun-loving optimistic hunter, he's used to besting everyone, and is amused every time he does so. Despite that, he often pretends like he doesn't care, like an anti-hero. Think Han-Solo but less uncaring. He loves space, he loves to fly in it, loves to see it. Treasure Hunters are at the front of the exploration effort, and that's the main reason why he's involved with it. Also, he's not into losing, not by a long shot.
You pick, he's the anti-hero hero xD. Do what you think is best. Young Adult.

(context dialog)Captain Hank: I want that comet, Bel. You're actually pretty near there, so I want you to get there first!
Bel O'rion(slightly bored): : Right, and if I don't get there first?
(context dialog)Captain Hank: Then use the element of surprise, stun them, and retrieve it from them.
Bel Oírion(amusedly liking the concept ): *mildly laughs* not stealing if they havenít claimed it yet, right? Sure, cap, can do. Send me the coordinates.

(context dialog)Callisto: Bel O'rionÖwhat a displeasure it is to see you again.
Bel Oírion(Condescendingly mocking): Aww, did you come to get your mad butt humiliated again?
(context dialog)Callisto: Talk is cheap, Bel. Coin isn't though, so how about we make a wager? Your prowess versus mine.
Bel Oírion(Amusingly mocking): Now thatís hardly fair, Iím not as in to jewellery as you are.

(context)Callisto: Bel?!
Bel: Hey hey, we're here for treasure!